12/1/2014 – Finishing up the final touches around the shop but we are now open for business.

12/31/2014 – Happy New Year from HDHT! We have been up and running now for a solid month and are proud to be serving many local industries from the Ogden and Salt Lake City area. We are excited to start the New Year with even more work load while continuing to maintain our commitment to fast turn around and competitive pricing.

01/01/2105 – We begin the New Year facing potential rising costs in power coming from new regulations. If you are currently doing your heat treating in house, this article may give you another perspective.

01/06/2015 – An exciting new accomplishment for us in the heat treating facility. High Desert recently processed a large (over 10″ dia. and over 40″ long) Alloy steel part for a supplier who vetted the part through a met lab, via mechanical properties testing. Here are the results;

Material 4140

_____________        Tensile Strength ksi            Yield Strength ksi              % Elongation (2″)            R/A %

Specification Min.                   125                                      105                               —                            —

Our Part                                 150                                      122                                18                          50


Results met specification, the part also was clean with no scale and overall a happy customer.

If your looking for great customer service and pricing that makes your business more competitive  give us a call, you will be pleased with the results. We would love to hear from you on any of your heat treating needs or questions you have in processes to help ensure you are getting the maximum results you need for the application you desire.

01/26/2015 – High Desert Heat Treating meets the requirements of AMS 2750E and BAC 5621K! We recently had our Internal Quench and Temper Oven instrumentation, calibrated and certified to meet the Aerospace Materials Specification and Boeing Aerospace Certification requirements. We value quality and now have a means to prove that we are meeting a high standard for our heat treating operations.  Special thanks to ISC of Salt Lake City Utah, for their services in providing this calibration.

02/27/2016 – Well its been a busy year for High Desert Heat Treating. We have continued to grow and with that took on the task of obtaining our AS9100 accreditation. This was a huge step for us at HDHT and we look forward to working with our customers that value the commitment to quality through a superior QMS.

06/23/17 – Its been a while since we have posted any updates. Which is because of our fantastic growth and support from the local manufacturing community in Utah. We are in the process of expanding through a new gas fired tempering oven. With a 48″ Deep x 36″ by 36″ tall working area and brand new SSi digital controls we are excited to once again be the leader in the Utah heat treating market for fastest turn around.

Thank you once again from all the support from the Customers in Utah that have hopefully benefitted from a lot of customer service and a little hard work.