High Desert Heat Treating, L.L.C. 9001 Cert

High Desert Heat Treating, L.L.C. AS Cert

Current working dimensions of our equipment.

Pacific Scientific Internal Quench (Endothermic Capable) 1000 lbs. an hour work load 1500 lbs. Max below 1950F

22″ H x 30″ W x 48″ L








We provide a superior service through atmosphere capable heat treating. Our furnace is equipped with an internal oil quench tank, that is also protected by the atmosphere providing minimal scaling and excellent finish. This furnace has also been recently calibrated and undergone uniformity.


Park Thermal Temper Oven

45″ H x 34″ W x 48″ L










This oven has a large working area has recently been calibrated and hydrostatic tested.


Atmosphere Engineering Company (AEC) Endothermic Generator

photo 2







This is the heart of our operation and was built brand new in 2014 by AEC. It has all of the latest computer controlled features and systems delivering superior gas control and safety protocols. This system provides us with the necessary gas flow to accomplish the superior work we produce.