The Beginning – High Desert Heat Treating LLC was started by three local blue collar partners from the Ogden Utah area. The idea is that we could provide excellent service at a competitive price in a commercial heat treating facility. With over 15 years of experience in the heat treating and manufacturing industry we saw an opportunity to provide Utah manufacturers with a commercial heat treating supplier that understood their needs for fast turn around. Our goal is to provide every customer, regardless of size or account, the ability to put their products back into the hands of their customers in a timely fashion with confidence in the quality of their heat treated part(s).

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Our philosophy is based on that of some of the major businesses in the U.S. market.

Customer Intimacy –  We strive to strategically and tactically manage our services and products to fit the finite definition of our customers. Our goal is to build a long term relationship with our customers and meet their needs because without them we don’t exist. Our product is theirs and companies expend many man hours and high cost in parts, only then to outsource their part into a sub-operation in our facility. Realizing this, we have implemented a process focused around timeliness without sacrificing quality.

American Spirit – We also have a very strong sense of patriotism as one of our partners has over 18 years service in the military, bringing with him a very high standard of professionalism and a love for our country. With the ever growing expansion of global markets and the steady loss of manufacturing to overseas competitors we felt it a duty to try and establish a piece of real estate in the manufacturing industry.  BUY LOCAL! BUY AMERICAN!